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Heathenism is a religion or belief which involves a great deal of research. There are countless resources: Sagas, Eddas, websites, blogs and webcasts where you can look, but this can be a little overwhelming for experts, much less beginners.
With this book W. S. Hurst & Kris Allison have taken all of their personal experience and years of research and created an introduction to the Modern Heathen lifestyle. Here is a reference book that delves into many aspects of what it means to be a Heathen. Striping away the negative connotations and pessimistic thoughts that are associated with the words, Heathen and Pagan. In The Modern Heathen you will find an introduction to multiple topics and different views of what it means to be a Heathen. Within this guide you will find: The Beginning, The Self/Soul Complex, Runes, Gods and Goddesses, Symbols, Marriage, Handfasting, Funerals, Blots, Holidays, Celebrations and much more.
W. S. Hurst is a practicing Heathen and dedicated Volva who follows the ways of her ancestors by incorporating the Nine Noble Virtues into her life on a daily basis. She is a Kansas Native who shares her love, friendship and loyalty with Kristoffer Alric Allison. Together they prove that the greatest illusion in this world is the illusion of separation.
Kris Allison is a dedicated heathen who follows ancestral and family traditions while studying heathen lore and European history. Born and raised in Oklahoma, currently living in Kansas, sharing his love and life with W. S. Hurst.
It is Hurst and Allison's sincere hope that this book offers you a new way of life, or at least a new perspective.

The Modern Heathen

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