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The game of Hnefatafal or King’s Table is one of pure strategy, played on a square board. A king and a small force of defenders occupy the center of the board. A larger force of attackers, twice as numerous as the defenders, occupies positions around the edge of the board.

The objective of the king is to escape to one of the corners of the board. The objective of the attackers is to capture the king, preventing his escape. The pieces move horizontally and vertically, but not diagonally. Pieces can move as far as they like along a rank or file, like a chess rook.


Contains 18 inch diamater hand burned wood board, instructions and game pieces. 


Please note, when working with natural wood and hand created items, please allow for each item to be a little different. 

Hnefatafl, Kings Table

$75.00 Regular Price
$50.00Sale Price
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