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Guide for the Modern Heathen

Heathenism (Asatru) is known as the religion that highly involves much research. There are countless books, Sagas, Ettas, websites, blogs, webcasts, and other places for research. It can be very overwhelming for the expert, much less starting out. The purpose of this book is multi-fold. It a great introduction to the Modern Heathen lifestyle and a reference point for learning and understating. A singular reference for surface coverage of information and reference material. Disenabling myths and pessimistic thoughts that have been inbreed into our current Christian infused society. Changing the negative connotation and thought process with words such as: Heathen and Pagan. While on the subject of words that are just erroneous and flat out wrong about us is “godless Heathen.” In fact, the opposite is just true in our lives. We have many gods and goddesses who assist us and guide us through our day. Furthermore, setting a baseline of whom we are and who we are not. We are a loving, tight-night, self-reliant people; one where family is strong and steadfast. We honor our families and ancestors. We back our husbands and wives. We enable our children to be strong and sturdy. Our families are “teams.” Each in the family has their own defined role and abide by those roles. The hope is you are inspired to be the best partner, friend, child, sibling and person you can be through our Heathen lifestyle. The Nine Noble Virtues, Six-Fold Goals, Additional Thews and Havamal should guide your daily life choices. In A Guide for the Modern Heathen, you will find introduction to multiple topics and belief systems in the Heathen (Asatru) lifestyle including (but not limited to) The Beginning, The Self/Soul, Runes, Gods and Goddesses, Symbols, Marriage, Handfasting, Funeral, Blots, Holidays, Celebrations, and much more. May you find a possibly a new way of life and thought, a new beginning, additional information, a clarification to your questions, understanding, or simple enjoyment. In my own life, Heathen has taught me and given me the power to become unconditionally, unapologetically me. I am a Heathen Woman in our Modern Society.

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