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What's new at Heathen Inc?

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Modern Heathen On the Go: Edda!

Modern Heathen On The Go: Edda is based upon a collection of Norse/Icelandic stories that were first wrote and collected while they still existed as poetry. Unlike previous translations, our collection is in no way meant to be poetry, but it is meant to be an easier to understand version. Inside you'll find stories of the gods and goddesses from their very beginnings and all the way up to their prophesized end at Ragnarök.

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At Heathen Inc,
We are not the ones who stay home.
We are not the law makers.
We are not the farmers.
We are the sailors of the seas.
We are the explores, the raiders, the 
Our Roots are strong and our Branches are Wide.

We are Heathen Inc.

Heathen Inc is a combined effort of love, friendship and loyalty between Heathen people,
following the ways of our ancestors and living by the
Nine Noble Virtues on a daily basis. 

Together we prove that the greatest illusion in this world is the illusion of separation. 

Our goal at Heathen Inc is to educate about who we are and who we are NOT as a people, what we believe and for all to appreciate and celebrate. We offer in house written books, jewelry, clothing, and many other items needed by each Heathen household. 

If you are new to the Heathen lifestyle,
a veteran or just curious, we welcome ALL.
Love and acceptance knows no boundaries,  is unconditional and is given freely he

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